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Everyone loves to come home at the end of a long day, to a place that feels “homely”.  What does this actually mean when we think about styling?  I know your creative juices are flowing, that is why you’re here.  We have pulled together five ‘Home Styling Tips’ to consider when making your house feel a little more “homely”.


There are many architectural and interior design styles that create a beautiful template for the way you style your home.  The trick is to identify the right styles that connect with you and your family, and most importantly, your property.

What might influence your style choice?  The architectural era and location of your home will play a big part.  The personalities of the occupants are probably the most important consideration.  Imagine your home as a canvas.  Are you going to style with existing furniture and décor or will you be shopping for new pieces?  What changes could you make to existing treasures to allow them to fit in with a new style?   Remember, you don’t have to stick to one!

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Where possible, choose neutral colours in some of the larger furniture pieces.  You can use pops of colour in rugs, wall art, cushions, linen, throws and table décor.  You are wanting to achieve flow so manage placement strategically.  Select a colour scheme that works with the mood you are wanting to create.  If you are bold, work with colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel to make a statement.

Keep it Simple

Less is definitely more!  Compliment the emphasis in each room with simple creative styling that allows you to live a comfortable lifestyle but is also enough to illustrate your character.  Functionality is key.  If you are the eclectic type (like me), a little more planning goes into getting this style right.  It usual means “more is more” and a lot of miss match.


Choosing décor that ties in with the purpose and function of space will create harmony and flow.  Adding plants or blooms is a great styling touch and is cost effective.  Ensure you enhance a room with a beautiful scent, either organic or with a lovely slow burning candle.


We love lighting!  Whether it is natural or artificial, it creates different vibes.  Ambient lighting creates an atmosphere; accent lighting will focus on a specific item like a sculpture or painting.   You can also choose lighting that is task specific like a reading lamp in a living area or downlights in a kitchen.  Our most favourite form of lighting is natural!  Play on natural light as much as possible.

Home Staging for Property Sale

If you are considering selling your abode, some of these tips may not be so helpful.  Home staging to sell your property requires a different strategy.  Our next blog “Home Staging Secrets” will give you some great ideas to work with if you are not investing in a professional Property Stylist.


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