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Founded by Interior Designer Alexandra Marshall in 2017 and inspired by the mantra “do what you love and love what you do”, our small practice is the brain child of a career transition and a long desire to express creativity.

We love to support Australian/New Zealand based manufacturers and local businesses. We also have a passion for working closely with our clients to understand their inspirations and influences.

Our hunger lies within residential interior styling and interior design. Whether it is your new home; renovation of an existing gem or simply to enhance or transform a residential space. We are obsessed with natural materials, patterns, textures and of course colour!

Through onsite consultations, planning, custom design concepts and project management, we believe taking a house and turning it into your home is one of the most exciting experiences of your life and we want to walk with you every step of the way.

Alexandra by Design was formed because the imagination ran so wild, the artistic thoughts could not be contained any longer. Fed up with the 7-7 corporate world, it was time “do what you love and love what you do”. Alexandra by Design was born and Alexandra was reborn!

We are looking forward to exploring every design possibility with you. To challenge and be challenged. To learn and educate. To lead and take risks.

Alexandra by Design is an interior design and decorating boutique business, located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, NSW.

Alexandra by Design


Alexandra is an artist and a dreamer. From a young age, her artistic flare was expressed through many forms; dancing, drawing, acting, writing, painting, creating and capturing moments through photography.

Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand, Alexandra’s interest in residential and interior design began when her parents built a Tudor country home on the water’s edge when she was just three years old.

Alexandra finds inspirations are the foundation of her design. Music, fashion, nature, food, spirituality, Japanese architecture and her obsession with roses all play a part in developing her unique design language.

Believing there are many elements that allow a space to come to life, Alexandra will use light, smell, taste, sound and feel in the design process and execution. With a love of pattern, colour, textures, and natural materials be prepared to be taken outside of your comfort zone, to explore the many beauties interior design has to offer.

Alexandra has over a decade of experience consulting in relationship and project management. For most of her life, art and design was just a hobby. Alex has studied business and interior design. Now, Alexandra combines her passion for interiors and client management, bringing you a space and experience tailored to your desires.


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