Set on 923㎡, this 6-bedroom, 3-bathroom traditional abode in Wahroonga, on the upper north shore of Sydney, is a renovator’s dream!  The previous owner had taken an 80’s interior disaster and attempted to modernise.  The outcome was dark, cold and lacked any personality.  

Our client and new owner is eclectic, smart and loves to take risks.  They wanted us to turn this house into a home that was welcoming, warm and most importantly, allowed the family to connect with each space.

We have completed three bedrooms to date and are currently working on the master suite, formal living, office, family and dining rooms and outdoor kitchen.

Each room has its own style, yet the rooms connect with simple touches.  Fine furniture, colour, textures and creativity!  Each room tells a story.  There is always something catching your eye as it moves harmoniously through each space.  These rooms are inviting, cosy and functional.

The owner is beyond excited with the outcome of this project so far and cannot wait for us to continue to unveil the remaining rooms!

Alexandra by Design + Artifex Interiors Team:
Alexandra Marshall + Anthony Sergas

Fine Furniture by: Artifex Interiors

Photographer: Helen Ward – Inward Outward

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