The management of a residential interior design project is an integral piece of the “experience” pie. With a professional managing your project from design concept to execution, you can remain confident the transaction will run efficiently.

So, what can you expect from your Interior Designer?

Below are six essentials for effective project management in interior design along with some ‘Alexandra by Design’ insider tips.



There are going to be many consultations and meetings between you and your Designer, both formal and informal. The key to a successful transaction is communication. It is important you are both on the same page and speaking the same design language.

tracking and monitoring


In a perfect world, your Interior Designer will clearly track each phase of the project and control all information and documentation in a centralised portal. This may be a portal you can both access remotely or they may send you regular updates for review and sign off.



Your Designer should  have strong planning capabilities. From their initial phone conversation with you, their mind will be in “development mode”. There will be content within the planning phase that is not shared with you however get excited about…



The cost of the project is one that can fluctuate often and as the project progresses. Your Interior Designer will provide you with their set pricing guidelines within the first couple of consultations or once you have agreed you are a great fit for each other and you would like to proceed with the design.



An Interior Designer should be real and honest with you from the start. We are always asking “how long will that take?”, “what is the cost?”, “what are the potential bumps in the road?”. Where expectations are clearly outlined and managed.



Everything we have talked about so far is the build-up the finale, “execution”. As a client, you want your vision to become reality. As an Interior Designer, we want to see your space come to life and exceed your expectations. It is truly so important that everything leading up to the execution is controlled and managed.

Let’s recap. Communication and expectations go hand in hand; ensure these are the foundation of your project. If something is unclear, ask. Planning is not just for the Designer; your plans can help us understand your vision. Revisiting the budget on a regular basis and keeping a record of everything spent or discussed is important, make this a priority. Ask for progress updates through monitoring and tracking systems, this way you will be up to speed and feel in control, even if the Interior Designer is your Project Manager.

With execution looming, make sure you are across the timeframes, who will be involved and any added requirements so there are no surprises.

Managing an Interior Design project from start to finish requires one with many capabilities. Organisation, negotiation, credibility, understanding, planning, decision making, effective communication and time management skills coupled with great style, design ability and an artistic flare. Looking for these in your next Interior Designer could be the difference between a stressful experience and smooth sailing. Let’s aim for smooth sailing!

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