Some of us are traditional through and through, but when it comes to Christmas, different decorating styles are trending.  Here’s some inspiration for your 2017 Aussie Christmas:


Winter Wonderland

This is a popular theme this year.  If you are looking for a Nordic, Scandinavian feel this could be for you.  Featuring baby blues, pinks, white and silver, it can feel like a “White Christmas” with the added pop of colour.  Check out for their fantastic “Winter Wonderland” range or the Luna theme at

Westfields Warringah Mall Target Christmas 2017

Mono Luxe

I love the masculine feel of the “Mono Luxe” theme.  Gold, white, silver and black is the colour palette and the look we are going for is clean and simple with the colours highlighting both matte and shiny accessories. Once again it is that are showcasing this great theme so head to your nearest Target to see their luxe range!

Sydney Christmas 2017 Mono Luxe

Gold Wins

Everyone appreciates a little gold in their life.  Why not go all out this year and style entirely in gold.  “Gold Wins” gives you a lush, high end feel and is one of the main colours we resonate with at Christmas! a great gold range to fulfil your decorating needs.

                        Chatswood Chase David Jones Christmas 2017


White Christmas

A “White Christmas” instantly reminds me of American Christmas movies, where everyone sits by the open fire, roasting chestnuts, drinking egg nog and celebrating with a delicious banquet.  New York also springs to mind!  If you want to achieve this look “down under”, go all white!!  Showcasing whites this year are and and


Ikea Sydney Christmas 2017 Styling


Organic Feels

If you love nature, highlight it this Christmas in your styling.  Build your tree out timber, driftwood or better still, bring home a real tree.  Not only is the look and feel unique, you can appreciate the beautiful aromas from these natural materials. Need some “organic feels” influence? and can help you with that!


Sydney Habitania Christmas Styling 2017


Beach Barbie

A coastal theme is very popular in Australia, especially when you live close to the beach.  Celebrate the heat with natural look featuring texture, glass and glitter.  Tie in colours of the ocean when thinking about your colour palette and don’t forget to head down the beach for some inspiration. have some great theme inspiration and have some funky decorations.


2017 Christmas Styling Sydney Beach Barbie


Homemade Creative

Getting crafty and thinking outside the box is another way you can decorate this Christmas.  Why not use some things you have around your home?  This is also an inexpensive way to make sure you celebrate Christmas in creative style.  You might want to use a piece of furniture or a much-loved home plant do display your decorations this year!

Sydney Christmas 2017 Etsy Creations


Urban Christmas

With many of you residing in the city or trendy suburbs, the Urban feel may just be up your ally!  Work with some “on trend” colour palettes for a bold vibrant look then tie in metallic and rose gold, finishing with a little sparkle. have a great Urban range this year!


Warrieward Kmart Christmas 2017


If you are still not convinced and traditional is for you, continue to highlight the beautiful green, gold, silver and red colour palette in your home décor and tree this year.  It may be cliché but it truly gives a “Christmas” feel, no matter where you are in the world! have some great table styling ideas for your 2017 feast!

Alfresco Emporium Sydney Christmas 2017


Styling Tips

I always say “less is more”.  If you want to keep your styling simple or only have a small space to work with, fairy lights are a winner.

Drape some clear fairy lights around the room or on branches of your indoor/outdoor plants.

Another cute idea is to place fairy lights in a clear bowl with a few Christmas decorations.  This can be a great table setting, mood lighting for your bathroom or a great addition to a bedroom or living space.

Christmas 2017 Fairy Lights Table Setting

Merry Christmas from Alexandra by Design x

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