An Interior Designers portfolio is a collection of thoughts, inspirations, drawings and completed projects.

An Interior design portfolio can come in different shapes and forms; some designers prefer a web based portfolio, and others a physical copy to present to potential clients.

Interior Design Wooden Sample Board

Mood + Sample Boards

Thoughts, inspirations and drawings are all just as important as the executed design; they illustrate the design process involved, to reach that final decision.

You will often see mood or sample boards that bring together the interior design idea with colour, textures,materials, finishes and pictures or objects that support the inspiration of the design. Displaying these boards in a portfolio is a great way to show off a design range, especially within various rooms of a home.

Your Interior Designer will produce a board for each space they are accountable for. As the client, you may have a preference on the visual display. You can chat to your Interior Designer these options. Most would be happy to produce either a hard copy board with real samples or a soft copy using a software program. Both are fantastic and give you a really good feel for the proposed design.



Drawings in a portfolio show the designers diversity and commitment to exploring all avenues of their design. It is an absolute treat to see their thoughts through hand drawn 2D or point perspective drawings. Some will use software programs that produce 2D or 3D drawings which is also just a delightful. When rendered you start to develop an in depth visual of the space which gets the excitable juices flowing!


Completed Projects

When an Interior Designer branches out and launches their own practice, they may not have completed projects to present in their portfolio. This is not a big deal! As long as they are showing their creativity and artistic abilities through other forms, this can be enough for a client to determine the right fit.


Alexandra by Design Kitchen Drawings

If you are the Interior Designers first client, your beautiful room is guaranteed to feature in their portfolio and probably with honour and pride! Before and after shots will always be taken; some may hire a photographer.

The Interior Designer will have a clause in their contract that allows for them to use the photos in their portfolio, after all, it is their design!

So, what do you look when you are reviewing a portfolio? Search for a connection; what about their work do you like? Is it the colour, style, the era, finishes, materials, furnishings, spatial plan or how it all comes together? How do you feel? What don’t you like? Once you answer some of these questions, you will quickly identify the fit and want to know more! Trust your instinct. Reach out to the Interior Designer to further understand their portfolio and help you make the right decision!



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